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The Color of sound Album is out !

Finaly we did it ! Recorded all the tracks from the color of time show into one studio album. It sound a bit different but most of the siprit of the show is in.
You can order now here. (soon in download.) Also you can see ou next show dates here.


All our albums and compils that you can find us. (some are collectors)

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The Color of time music

A lot asked to us for a CD, but we didn’t have the time make one, may be this year, but for now you could listen some tracks from the show.

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Womadelaide and after

After our dates in Australia for the Great Womad, we continue in Europe now for more than 30 shows. But there is a problem in Germany Holzminden 

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Documentaire création The Color Of Time Artonik

En attendant la rediffusion ou la version officielle voici la version privé du documentaire sur Artonik « The color of time »

Des auditions à la première en passant par les répets.
Total revival pour ceux qui y étaient.
Découvrez tout ce à quoi vous avez échappé pour les autres.

N’oubliez un clic sur +1 Fan Facebook merci ;p

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