Nettwerk Productions (Canada) and Nettwerk America (US) have announced the creation of a new imprint, Nutone Records. Nutone Records is the first imprint under the Nettwerk umbrella that is dedicated to releasing the work of artists who are not opposed to pushing the boundaries of electronic music. Each Nutone release will be an odyssey into new sounds and experiences for connoisseurs of all genres of electronic music. Nutone founder and CEO of Nettwerk Productions, Terry McBride, describes the Nutone philosophy, "Nutone releases are symbolic of Nettwerk's earlier days when we helped pioneer the currently diverse electronic music scene and will encompass all styles of this now expansive genre." The first three releases for the newly founded imprint are: the South Asian-infused flavors of NatarajXT, the ambient pop of Izdatso, and the Eastern techno of Le Duc (all released on March 27, 2001).
Guidance Recordings Signs Exclusive US Deal With Caroline Distribution...

Seminal Chicago electronic label Guidance Recordings has just signed an exclusive Distribution deal for the United States with Caroline Distribution. Launched in early 1996, Guidance first came to prominence releasing a string of critically acclaimed house singles from Kevin Yost, Larry Heard, Blueboy, Abacus and more, prompting Muzik magazine to name them "Best New House Label in the World" in 1997. That same year, the Guidance sound reached a wider audience as Glasgow recording artist Blueboy's single "Remember Me" became a worldwide smash hit, remaining in the top ten on the UK pop charts for 6 weeks and achieving gold and silver record status in several of countries. Since then, the label has built an excellent international reputation on the strength of its high quality compilations and artist albums which embrace various forms of soulful urban dance music, including; deep house, dub, reggae, hip hop, afro, Latin and lounge sounds. Now approaching its fifth anniversary, Guidance has its sights firmly set on the emerging US electronic market. "The time is right for us to expand our American audience beyond the core supporters in the dance music underground and expose our releases to a wider music loving audience who are actively seeking out cutting edge sounds. Caroline is the perfect partner for us in this endeavor. In addition to their superior sales and marketing infrastructure, they have a truly impressive track record of breaking electronic music in America." (Guidance) Says Caroline Director of Purchasing Michael Bull, "We're delighted and honored to be partnering with Guidance, who we consider to be perhaps the most promising up and coming electronic label in the U.S. Their catalog to date has been of exceptional quality, and we expect them to bring the same impeccable taste and aesthetic sense to their upcoming artist projects."

Guidance's first release through Caroline will be the Marseille, France based Troublemakers debut album " Doubts and Convictions" on March 20th. An album from Glasgow electronic outfit Spylab and Midnight Express Volume Two, a house compilation mixed by acclaimed Los Angeles DJ Doc Martin will follow this summer.

Thank you for listening, the Guidance Team.

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