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NatarajXT has stayed relatively under the radar with their first release. Ocean Birds is their sophomore album and proves that the group can be very consistent both as players and songwriters. Their music is a play on traditional Indian music, combining the instruments of Sarod, sitar, esraj, and tempura and combine it with the western sounds of electronica and pop styles. There are three primary members in Nataraj XT, Richard Bernet, Philippe Capitani and Pierre Grimout. They are all multi-instrumentalists (except for the exceptional sitar playing of Pierre) and they all contribute to the songwriting process. Ocean Birds isn't much different than their Tandava release but they have come together to sound a little more like a mature group. NatarajXT is the perfect soundtrack for a yoga studio or something similar. The beats keep the traditional music interesting but with the inclusion of the traditional styles, NatarajXT proves to educate the listener with all the classic Indian instruments. Ocean Birds is a nice addition to NatarajXT's multi-dimensional sound.
(Nutone 2003)
Reviewed on 2003-06-26 09:13:45

NatarajXT - Tandava

  NatarajXT - Tandava height=Tandava marks one of the first three releases from Nettwerk imprint Nutone, a label that has just recently surfaced due to the onslaught of worldly beats similar to that of Six Degrees. NatarajXT is a restructuring of Richard Bernet and Pierre Moitram's Nataraj (more traditional Northern Indian msuci) with the addition of France's Kapi, who himself is a self taught electronic musical artist. Pierre and Richard have studied Indian music extensively and you can tell with the sitar, sarod and esraj music that lays the background for much of Tandava. NatarajXT's music is very original but it still fits in nicely with a catagory with Talvin Singh and the recently released State of Bengal as well as other Asian Underground performers. This music is refreshing in a stagnant music industry such as the one we are experiencing.
(Nutone 2001)
Reviewed on 2003-03-31 00:00:00